Pardus Ventures is a business management consulting group. We strive to support our clients as Trusted Advisors and Partners to achieve sustainable and profitable growth using strategic and innovative solutions.

Our goal is to support you, as business owners and senior management teams, at every stage of your business. Our team has a diversified background in a variety of industries, as well as extensive experience leading start-up ventures, mid-sized businesses and large mature businesses.

At Pardus Ventures, we believe that no one firm can provide every service a business may need. This is where we come in. When we partner with you, we will either perform all of our services in-house utilizing the expertise of our team of professionals,  or we will connect you with members of our extensive network, providing you with the one-stop-support that you need. Our goal is to ensure your business needs are met, and your business is well on its way to achieving sustainable and profitable growth.


Strategic Alignment

A strategic alignment of plans, process and people allowing for increased engagement through communication and well-planned change management

Organizational Design

The right people with the right roles accompanied with the tools and support they need to enhance culture and engagement

Sales Force Alignment

Incenting the right behaviour while increasing effectiveness and placing accountability at all stages of the sales cycle

Brand Management & Marketing

Alignment of brand and marketing strategy to your current business cycle, from high-content marketing for start-ups to brand recognition strategies for highly crowded industries

Technology & Infrastructure

Review and support for foundational infrastructure development, effective business tools and innovative engagement technologies

Operational Effectiveness

Using methodologies that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation




• From the Latin-English dictionary describing the Panther

• A spirit animal that provides us with power; a fierce guardian

• Encourages us to acknowledge these powers and help eliminate fear of the unknown


Pardus Ventures partners our experience and expertise with your industry knowledge, passion and goals to achieve sustainable and profitable solutions and growth. We believe there is always a way to align objectives of our clients to achieve consistent and predictable results with some ongoing support and guidance.


We are an agile group, with partners and business professionals available from a wide range of industries and businesses that will work closely with you to develop strategic solutions to achieve your goals.

When you engage Pardus Ventures, you have added additional team members to your group. We do not simply provide plans and discuss solutions we develop and deliver tangible results.


It’s time to roll-up those sleeves!

“Reward Excellent Failures,

Punish Mediocre Successes"

"Don’t Just Change,

Destroy and Re-Imagine”

                                                                                        ~ Tom Peters

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