• These programs are meant for Dealers and Financial Institutions around the world looking to enhance their advisory sales teams’ skills and expertise in a wide range of topics and core competencies

  • Programs are available (and can be modified) for all knowledge levels

  • Our programs can be used to support “rookie programs” or to support a continuing education culture at your organization

  • Programs can also be customized to further understanding by your advisory team on products, services and support offered by your organization to advisors and their clients

  • Our educational curriculum and content has been offered over the last 30 years and is updated continually for new regulations, products, services and marketing and technology best practices

Unique Blend of Live Training & Best-in-Class Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Live actionable workshops for 20-40 participants

  • Keynote sessions at conferences and events

  • Online webinars and modules

  • White-labeled LMS with ongoing programs (available for both live and online)

    • Continuing education credit management

    • Course completion and certificate management

    • Management and regulatory reporting capabilities included

  • Hybrid programs with live and online training components

  • Long-term programs and custom program development – with ongoing course requirements, assignments and skill-testing over one-to-three years



Practice Management

MyPractice360: From Prospect to Advocate

Preparing Your Clients for MIMEs

(Money in Motion Events)

Building an Effective COIN

(Centers of Influence Network)

The Many Faces of Prospecting & Marketing

Running Effective Sales Meetings

Developing Your Brand

Transitioning to a Discretionary Platform

Client Servicing & Your CRM

Family Office Essentials

Understanding HNW Investor Psychology

(Going Beyond KYC)

Financial Personalities & Behaviors

Regulatory & Supervision Best Practices

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Art of Segmentation

(Action or Demographic?)

Financial Planning & Investment Management

Client Discovery Process

Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning for U/HNW

Keeping Your Client to the Plan

Asset Allocation Workshop

Financial Plans & Investment Policy Statements

Specialized Portfolio Construction Programs

Intro to Asset Allocation

Asset Class Characteristics


Portfolio Benchmarking & Rebalancing

Fixed Income

Intro to Fundamental Analysis

Mutual Fund / ETF Selection

Intro to Technical Analysis

Risk Management

Ethics & Compliance

Portfolio Analysis

Advanced Asset Allocation

Manager Selection

Industry Analysis

Model Portfolios

Intro to Alternative Investments

Tax Efficient Portfolio Management

Wealth Management Conversation

Intro to Options & Derivatives

Global Markets

Strategies for the HNW Market



In-Class Learning

Online Learning


Individual Assignments

Group Assignments

Tests & Examinations

A detailed and comprehensive program to be completed over the course of a year, broken down by quarter. Advanced levels post-year one are also available.

* Individual components also available

Insurance & Estate Planning

The Hidden Art of Scenario Analysis

Ins-and-Outs to Insurance Products

Needs Analysis Process

Holistic Estate Planning

Business Succession Planning

Family Succession Planning

Core Competencies Training

Wealth Management Essentials

Basics of Investing

Working with Senior Clients

Ethical Decision Making

Anti-Money Laundering in Financial Services

Retirement Income Planning

Women-Focused Programs for Advisors

Female Investor Behavior

Engaging Women in the Conversation

The Financial Planning & KYC Process

Servicing Female Clients

Importance of Technology & Digital Media

Marketing & Brand Management



Scripts & Templates for Advisor Use

Additional Resources


Individual & Group Work


Business Meeting


Programs Developed in Collaboration Between

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Pardus Ventures is a business management consulting group. We strive to support our clients as Trusted Advisors and Partners to achieve sustainable and profitable growth using strategic and innovative solutions. With over 20 years of experience in training financial, investment and insurance advisors globally, we have deep knowledge to the mindset, challenges and opportunities financial professionals face around the world.

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For over 30 years, Oliver’s Learning has provided core-curriculum education to financial service professionals. Oliver’s customized training solutions, both print and online, are grounded in the regulatory requirements of the industry and provide innovative solutions to our clients’ training and licensing challenges. As we move away from traditional learning tools, our focus has shifted toward building customized digital dashboards with the sole objective of assisting our clients' training and licensing challenges in the financial industry. Our clients include banks, insurance firms, brokerages, fund companies, and wealth-management companies.


The Women’s Collection creates educational content to help women feel empowered to make financial decisions that are right for them and their families.  The platform offers training programs, educational content, resources and events– and to further build their confidence, The Women’s Collection has partnered to build an investment platform specifically for women that will provide support and guidance through the investment decision process. The platform also provides access to resources and tools that enable them to put their learnings into action to help them achieve their financial goals; along with a number of business and organizational resources and training.

To find out more about any of our programs or to discuss a custom program for you organization: